New Cafe Opening in Alma Michigan

A New Beginning

After the closing of Farmhouse Bakery and Lunch House 6 years ago, locals have been missing their very tasty treats and lunch specials. People would travel from different towns just to get a taste of the quaint lunch and bakery shop, and consumers were devastated when the shop closed. Luckily, a new bakery is opening under the same owner, and the plans for the building are just as intriguing as the previous shop.

Instead of opening in it's own space on West Superior Street, Devices and Delights will be located inside of a computer and devices shop, Superior's Computer's and Devices, just a street over from its old location. Since the closing of the previous bakery, the owner has been looking to reopen after starting up her computer shop. The space will take on a more modern, sleek feel compared to its previous rustic farmhouse aesthetic. The then owner of Farmhouse Bakery and Lunch House- current owner of Superior's Computers and Devices, soon to be Devices and Delights- Amelia Vens has stated, Our mission is still to create a clean space where people can order comfortable lunches, beverages and our signature, delightful treats. However, as we are more limited on space, we style our produts to better suit on-the-go situations rather than sitting down.

What To Expect

As Ms. Amelia Vens had said, the building is not only smaller, but the space is going to be united with a computer and devices shop. What does this mean for business?

We got an exlusive look inside the building while being remodeled just to let you know what is going on and how the new cafe will work. At the front of the building resides the computer shop, where all of the display shelves and employee desks reside. Following the center aisle you will find the cafe at the back of the building, free from the distraction of the computer shop. Although the food and drinks are styled to be taken out, there are a few areas where you can sit work or relax. All are welcome to come and enjoy a comfortable, modern feel in Devices and Delights. However, if that isn't enough of a sell to you, Ms. Vens has stated that every two weeks there will be a new, special treat featured from around the world. Things like dalgonakeopi, a South Korean whipped coffee, or clafoutis, a flan-like fruit pastry from France will have two weeks out of the year for you to pick up and enjoy.

Devices and Delights is planning on opening February 21, 2021, so mark the date in your calender and maker sure to come check out the awesome cafe. Join us on our website for more updates, and come see us at the grand opening of Devices and Delights.

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