Meet The Table Tennis Team's Honorable Players

Hannah Miller

This is Hannah, a senior captain of our table tennis team! She was on JV her freshman year, was bumped to varsity her sophomore, and is now serving as a captain her senior year! She enjoys helping her teammates and hosting team bondings at her house. When she isn't improving her table tenis skills, she likes hanging out with friends in her backyard, taking long drives to relax with her music, and practicing her flute.

Karissa Bywater

This is Karissa, another senior captain of our table tennis team! She was on JV her freshman and sophomore year, but served as varsity captain both her junior and senior years due to her tenacity and drive. When she isn't managing her team, she likes taking pictures, working on her makeup skills, and sleeping.

Taylor Sullivan

This is Taylor, a Junior Varsity captain. She is currently a sophomore and will be bumped to varsity next year. When she isn't working towards being on varsity, Taylor enjoys cooking, baking, painting and drawing.

Ana Licina

This is Ana, the star-player of the freshman team. She is currently on track to be on varsity her sophomore year due to her perseverence and promising future. When she isn't working hard at being a record-breaking table tennis player, she enjoys practicing for normal court tenis and her conducting as drum major, as well as working on Model UN.